Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions

Increasingly, companies operating critical infrastructure that is vital to society is at risk of attack from state-sanctioned operatives and a host of other "bad actors."  Sometimes however, these risks are closer to home.  Disgruntled employees, vendors and customers with malicious intent can also pose a risk to a company's operations - both in a very real physical sense and in terms of reputational damage through negative press.  But it is not just malice that poses a risk to your operations, it might simply be the inadvertent actions of staff or contractors accessing systems they do not have the right to access, or even, damage caused as a result of inadequate knowledge or training.

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Screenshot from Claroty continuous threat detection (CTD) OT security monitoring

For that reason, continuous monitoring of threats and anomalies within industrial control systems with appropriate alerting is essential to safeguarding the operations of industries such as power generation and transmission, water treatment and supply, manufacturing, transportation, oil and gas, mining and others is essential.

DDE Technology is a strategic partner to Claroty, the world’s leading industrial threat and anomaly detection platform. The Claroty platform drives visibility, continuity and resiliency in the industrial economy.  Claroty has been used to secure critical infrastructure all around the world.

Operational Risks to Industry on the Rise

DDE Technology managing critical infrastructure.

Continuous Threat and Anomaly Detection with Intelligent Alerting

Claroty's premier industrial security platform consists of CTD (Continuous Threat Detection) the industry’s first real application of AI for OT and IoT that correlates real-time changes with online patterns and network behaviors to create detailed profiles for every device according to its process state to quickly detect critical conditions and EMC (Enterprise Management Module) a centralized management interface that consolidates data from Claroty products across multiple sites and displays a unified view of assets, activities and alerts, making it highly suitable for internal monitoring and external security operations centers (SOC).

Vulnerability Management

Claroty Enterprise Management Console (EMC)

In a multi site installation (either physically remote sites or isolated production islands) each Continuous Threat Detection server sends its processed data to the Enterprise Management Console, providing the operator with consolidated cross-site asset, alert and activity data, which can be filtered and analyzed to proactively search for operational and security trends.

Enterprise Management Console is a centralized management interface that aggregates the data from Claroty products from multiple sites and displays a unified view of their assets, activities, alerts and access control in a "single pane of glass." 

The product is ideal for SOC deployments as it provides the security team with immediate insights into the industrial network’s security posture. The Enterprise Management Console can send alert data to various SIEM and log management products enabling security teams to correlate OT and IT issues and gain real-time situational awareness to active and potential threats. 

DDE Technology has considerable experience working with major companies around the world in deploying industrial cybersecurity solutions to safeguard critical industries such as power generation, transmission and distribution, construction, large building infrastructure (e.g. Building Management Systems, access control systems, rides and attractions) and others. We build solid relationships with key executives responsible for  their company's security such as Chief Information Security Officers (CISO), Chief Information Officers (CIO) and Heads of Risk and Engineering.

DDE Technology builds solid relationships and trust with its clients.



DDE Technology is a trusted advisor to companies around the world that rely upon critical operational infrastructure. We provide a range of solutions that ensure industry keeps running and that address the threats inherent in an increasingly interconnected world.