DDE Technology. Securing an Interconnected world.
DDE Technology. Securing an Interconnected world.

Securing an Interconnected World

DDE Technology is a provider of cybersecurity and advanced technology solutions and professional services to companies around the world that operate critical infrastructure in industries such as electricity generation and transmission, oil and gas, mining, water supply and treatment, manufacturing, transportation,  building infrastructure and SmartCities.  We manage risk on behalf of our clients by taking the role of trusted advisors and we implement solutions that help safeguard our customers' assets, operations and ultimately, reputation.

Increasingly, the technology systems that underpin the critical infrastructure of the world's industries are becoming interconnected and this introduces significant risk - both from an external and internal perspective.  Coupled with increasing complexity and reliance on external vendors, many companies face heightened risk to their operations; either through the malicious or inadvertent actions of others.

DDE Technology is headquartered in Hong Kong and works across Asia, Australia, Europe and the US.  We work with Executive Management and take a whole-of-company approach to addressing risk and understand that effective management of risk involves people, process and technology (often in that order).

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DDE Technology Logo

DDE Technology is a trusted advisor to companies around the world that rely upon critical operational infrastructure. We provide a range of solutions that ensure industry keeps running and that address the threats inherent in an increasingly interconnected world.