Security Solutions for Remote Sites

Ensuring effective security at remote locations for critical operations such as electricity substations, renewable energy facilities, oil and gas, underground sites and mining works is challenging due to location and often the harsh conditions in which these sites are located.  For that reason, operators are exposed to the risk of downtime and outages through natural events and sabotage without necessarily having advance warning of the impending threat.

To counter these threats, DDE Technology works with Systems With Intelligence in order to offer clients real-time situational awareness and intelligent monitoring for remote sites.  Systems With Intelligence solutions improve the reliability, safety and security of critical operations and include thermal and visual asset monitoring, substation visualisation, underground monitoring and mobile monitoring.  

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Systems With Intelligence Touchless Substation Monitoring

Video Monitoring for Electrical Sites

Systems With Intelligence Video Monitoring Solution is a key component of a comprehensive physical security plan as mandated in NERC CIP 014 and as described in the NERC Security Guideline for the Electricity Sector.  Video monitoring plays an important role in preventing and investigating various types of security threats including theft, unauthorized access, vandalism and sabotage to the critical infrastructure. Unmanned remotes sites provide an easy target for intruders. Security threats at remote facilities are constant with the theft of copper and other high value components and material. Copper theft is not only an asset loss but is also a danger to the intruder and utility personnel as the copper is often taken from live systems.

Intelligent video monitoring systems can automatically detect intrusions and send notifications so that operators can alert authorities and dispatch of security personnel. The monitoring system can also record and archive events to provide authorities with video evidence of the crime.

Video monitoring is an important tool to meet regulatory compliance for physical security of critical infrastructure. A video system with built-in intelligence and analytics can meet the most important criteria that is outlined in the NERC CIP Critical Infrastructure Guidelines for Physical Security including the ability to: detect and deter intruders, assess situations and communicate with remote alert messages, respond with triggered lights and alarms, intelligently analyze the video inputs and provide the ability to audit with archived records.

The onboard analytics engine processes the digital video inputs and automatically detects:

     ● Motion
     ● Boundary Crossing
     ● Camera Tampering
     ● Loitering

Video can be linked with other physical security systems such as access control to provide positive visual identification of personnel or vehicles entering the site through controlled gates and doors.  A video system integrated with other physical security systems provides a comprehensive security strategy.

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Oil and Gas


Securing Renewable Power Sites

With wind and solar generation steadily on the increase the need to monitor and manage these sites is also growing. Utilities are investing more in renewable generation and optimizing and protecting those investments is becoming increasingly important. The generation sites are often in locations that make connection to high speed networks for monitoring a challenge. The Systems With Intelligence solution offers real time visualization and automated monitoring possible for remote locations with low bandwidth connections to minimize the data and charges that a utility will incur.

Connecting remote sites for video monitoring is a challenge for remote renewable generation sites. The technology and architecture to connect to remote sites with limited bandwidth is part of the Systems With Intelligence solution that provides distributed processing of data and local storage to minimize the network and centralized processing requirements. Automated monitoring and event notification directly to SCADA reduce both the bandwidth and the manpower required to monitor multiple remote sites.

With renewable generation sites being exposed to high levels of electromagnetic interference, electrostatic discharge, voltage dips/surges/interrupts and extremes in weather, it is challenging to design electronic equipment that will operate reliably and with long life. To ensure that equipment can meet these challenges the International Electrotechnical Commission, (IEC), and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, (IEEE), have developed standards for equipment that is to operate in electric power environments. These standards are known as IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613. Systems With Intelligence designs its products to meet these standards to ensure reliable operation and immunity to the harsh conditions found in electric power applications.

Physical security of remote renewable generation sites is required to prevent theft, vandalism and for the safety of the public. Video monitoring is an important part of an overall physical security system and covers  NERC CIP Physical Security Guidelines that is mandated for utilities deemed to be part of the critical infrastructure. Systems With Intelligence solutions are designed to provide substation grade video monitoring with low bandwidth connections to remote sites. 

Security solutions for renewable energy sites.

Securing Oil and Gas Remote Sites

The Oil and Gas industry has operational facilities that are faced with security threats to infrastructure at remote sites, requirements to increase asset utilization and efficiency, safety and rising operating costs. The misoperation of equipment at these facilities can have long lasting environmental and economic effects. Whether monitoring refineries, pipelines or platforms, real-time visualization and automated monitoring provides operators with information that allows them to make critical decisions and take actions to ensure the facility remains safe and operational at peak efficiency.

Safety for the operators, the public and the environment is a major concern in the oil and gas industry. Video monitoring provides visual confirmation that the site is safe for operators to enter and work in. Video monitoring can confirm that procedures are being followed and the machinery is operating correctly. Video recordings can be archived for future review and training purposes.

The facilities are often in environments with combustible and corrosive gases that require cameras to be specially designed and certified to operate in these conditions. Systems With Intelligence provides corrosion proof and explosion proof visual and thermal cameras in fixed and pan/tilt/zoom housings to accommodate any monitoring application in extreme environments.

Video monitoring systems are playing an increasing role in monitoring Oil and Gas sites and these systems have the versatility to be used for a wide range of applications including equipment monitoring, asset management, process automation, safety and security.

Security solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Heavy Industry Security

Many industrial and manufacturing sectors have operational processes that are faced with security threats to critical infrastructure and remote facilities, the need for increased asset utilization and efficiencies, reducing unplanned maintenance and downtime and safety requirements for personnel.  Video monitoring systems play an increasing role in addressing these issues and video monitoring systems have the versatility to be used for a wide range of applications within industrial markets including equipment monitoring, asset management, process automation and safety.  For equipment to operate in heavy industrial environments it must be able to withstand high levels of EMI, dust and dirt, humidity, shock and vibration and possibly corrosive and explosive atmospheres. 

Systems With Intelligence Video Monitoring Solutions provide real time visualization with thermal and video technology to improve the operational processes for many industrial markets.




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