IoT Asset Discovery and Health Management

The management of IT assets has become challenging given the ever-increasing complexity of IT.  Companies with large enterprise IoT deployments struggle to gain visibility of existing assets which not only creates potential security risks but impacts asset lifecycle management and compliance.  

DDE Technology works with many large companies  and has seen first-hand the issues management faces in running large fleets of IoT devices such as CCTV/IP surveillance cameras,  access control systems, computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, sensors and other devices.  For that reason, we are pleased to  work with Canopy Manage, a leading company that specialises in IoT asset discovery and health management.

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Canopy IoT asset discovery and health management
Canopy Manage IoT asset benefits

Canopy Manage provides a single control point for both on premise and cloud-hosted services allowing companies to have insight into their IT Assets grouped into logical sets to reflect their business structures.  API integration into existing systems enables Canopy Manage to become the simple-to-use, single control point for all IT management tools.

Rich informative visualisation tools provide instant insight and flexible relevant dashboards.  Reducing large distributed complex cloud systems into a visible and relevant frame.  This enables intelligent decision-making to ensure optimal performance and cost control for your IoT and IT assets.

A Single Source of Truth

Canopy Manage is a workflow-based solution with native integration into popular enterprise productivity tools.  By deploying Canopy Manage, companies can replace their highly complex and mundane, yet critical IT administration tasks with a simple, easy to use Software as a Service (SaaS) tool. 

Canopy provides companies with predictive analytics that ensure complete transparency over IT costs and environmental efficiency with real-time analytics and alerts. These insights allow you to see spend, service up-time and availability trends, enhancing your forecasting capabilities to save you significant time and money.

A focused user experience ensure Canopy delivers an intelligent, mobile-optimised user experience putting the power back in your hands. It’s a straightforward approach to management and deployment using simple options to process complex outcomes with “click through” actions.

Best of all, pricing is based on a simple and transparent monthly OPEX model with options to suite the level of features and support your organisation needs.

Workflow Automation that Enhances
IoT Management Productivity




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