DDE Technology Appointed Secomea Hong Kong / Macau Distributor

DDE Technology has been appointed as the Secomea Distributor for Hong Kong and Macau addressing a major gap in the market.  Secomea is a global leader in providing secure remote maintenance IIoT solutions and comprehensive, scalable and cost-effective state-of-art industrial security solutions. Secomea solutions are used by major machine builders all over the world including industrial, engineering and manufacturing operators and system integrators.

Secomea solutions include:

Accelerating digitalization and unlocking new levels of productivity without compromising security is vital in the modern factory and industrial facility. By mastering the delicate balance between ease of use and security, the Secomea Solution minimizes the possibility of cybersecurity risks resulting from human error. In return, uptime is increased and customers maintain a competitive advantage.

Security is a key component of the Secomea Solution. It is built-in, not bolted on and designed from the ground up to meet both operational technology (OT) and IT requirements.

10 May, 2021

● Remote Maintenance Solutions (Industrial IoT Gateways)
● Access Management Servers
● Remote Access Clients
● Data Collection Cloud Analytics
● Related accessories - addons and hardware

Secomea a leading provider of remote maintenance IIoT solutions
Secomea a leading provider of remote maintenance IIoT solutions

DDE has considerable experience working with industrial control systems across a range of industries including energy, water, oil and gas, telecommunications and others and understands the risks inherent in these systems.  Contact us to learn more about the cyber risks of such systems and how operators can quickly deploy threat detection and anomaly monitoring systems and internal process controls to mitigate against these risks.

Advenica products secures critical data
Advenica products secures critical data



DDE Technology is a trusted advisor to companies around the world that rely upon critical operational infrastructure. We provide a range of solutions that ensures industry keeps running and that address the threats inherent in an increasingly interconnected world.