DDE Technology and the University of St Joseph, Macau

The University of Saint Joseph in Macau has asked Stephen Berry, CEO of DDE Technology Limited to be a guest lecturer to the MBA Programme within the Department of Business Administration.  A range of lectures will focus on strategic project management and technology leadership geared to industry.  The talks will have particular relevance in the "new normal" of the post-COVID business world and are designed for emerging business leaders who are increasingly required to deliver business value in changing and uncertain times.

Logo of the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) in Macau. MBA Program Guest Lecture.
USJ Macau MBA Programme guest lecture on strategic project management principles and leadership qualities.
University of Saint Joseph 2020 MBA Programme

Stephen Berry with Professor Alexandre Lobo, Head of the USJ Department of Business Administration with MBA students

DDE has considerable experience working with industrial control systems and BMS systems across large properties such as hotels, casinos, public rides, exhibition centres and theatres and attractions and understands the risks inherent in these systems.  Contact us to learn more about the cyber risks of BMS systems and how operators can quickly deploy threat detection and anomaly monitoring systems and internal process controls to mitigate against these risks.

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DDE Technology is a trusted advisor to companies around the world that rely upon critical operational infrastructure. We provide a range of solutions that ensures industry keeps running and that address the threats inherent in an increasingly interconnected world.