Protecting Macau's Critical Infrastructure and Operations

On the 22nd of December 2019, the Macau Cybersecurity Law ("MCSL") came into force. This new cybersecurity law requires public and private critical infrastructure operators in different industries to meet obligations that aim to protect the information networks and systems for critical infrastructure.  "Critical infrastructure" in addition to utilities and other public service operations includes casinos which are a major contributor to the Macau economy.

DDE Technology is working with companies in many countries that operate critical infastructure and is proud to be helping companies in Macau to become compliant with this new cybersecurity law.  DDE specialises in the control and engineering systems that underpin the operations and assets of companies including BMS, HVAC, Chiller, HMI, PLC, SCADA etc.  These systems are found in casino building management systems, electricity generation and transmission, water supply and treatment and a host of other sectors. While they are critical to ensuring safe and reliable operational outcomes, these systems are at higher risk of cyberattack and compromise than IT systems and similarly, the impact to the reputation and revenue of the operator is greater.

DDE Technology has considerable experience implementing advanced cybersecurity equipment including data diodes which provide fast critical network segmentation and secure data flows.  Data diodes provide a higher level of security than firewalls alone and as such, are used in all major critical infrastructure around the world. With the increasing level of remote vendor access due to COVID-19, data diodes are a smart and efficient  way to secure network access.

DDE is also working with Macau companies to deploy cyberattack threat and intrusion detection systems for both digital and physical assets. A key component of the Macau cybersecurity law is monitoring of critical assets for such threats and we are happy to share our experience with companies looking to safeguard their operations and to further understand the mandates of the cybersecurity law.  

DDE Technology is working with critical infrastructure and operations in Macau to ensure compliance with the new Macau Cybersecurity Law
DDE Technology Cyberattack threat detection and monitoring.
Claroty Security Posture Assessment
Data diodes provide network separation and secure data flows.

Cyberattack continuous Threat Detection and Monitoring and Security Posture Assessments

Data diodes provide higher security than firewalls alone

DDE has considerable experience working with industrial control systems across a range of industries including energy, water, oil and gas, telecommunications and others and understands the risks inherent in these systems.  Contact us to learn more about the cyber risks of such systems and how operators can quickly deploy threat detection and anomaly monitoring systems and internal process controls to mitigate against these risks.

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DDE Technology is a trusted advisor to companies around the world that rely upon critical operational infrastructure. We provide a range of solutions that ensures industry keeps running and that address the threats inherent in an increasingly interconnected world.